Kolkata - Stricter rules for App cabs, Free run for metered ones - Open comments to Bengal leaders & Yellow taxis

Every tom, dick and harry, every kid, every knew born kid, every elder and ever human who lives in West Bengal knew this would happened and eventually this has happened. Leaders of Bengal are known to be against progress and development and this holds more true when the leader is Mamata Banerjee.

Mamata Banerjee has been the sample, example and epitome of pulling down progress and development. She is basically concentrated to woo the poor and give them all sorts of impossible facilities and make them happy even if that is against the system and developmental progress. True to Ma, Maati, Maanush which does not include the overall development of the state or its beings.

So here they are again on the wrong side but then who cares for people. Bengal ministers have always been on the side of vote banks and pleasing the people who have the guts to disrupt the system. Now you can see that the taxi drivers has threatened to strike for 48 hours and bring the state to halt. This time the reason being the Radio taxis who are snatching their business.

Come on man. Grow up. You are worst than kids. You have always gone on strike for your own baseless reasons. Its just this time the reasons are different. When have you thought of people and when have you thought of the government. You only care about yourself. Find a good way. Be a man and fight the competition with new ideas and better facilities for the people. Pause for a moment and think why are people looking up to the app cabs even when their rates are slightly more than you. First get this answer and you yourself will understand where you stand even after so many years.

For long people have faced your rude behavior, consistent refusals and brutal activities but then again every dog has its day. Now your time has come to wrap up and show us some courtesy. Now you people and even the government will understand that customer is the king and always have been. When we have to pay then why not pay for better services.

I usually travel with my own vehicle for some urgent reason I had to use one of this services and it was UBER. Let me tell you I still cannot forget the memories of such a wonderful experience. I mean I was just amazed as to how such good services are available in India. Calm and good behaved driver, calls you when he cannot find your address, neat and clean vehicle, prior and complete information of the driver, his mobile number, vehicle make and number, instant service at your door-step, and what not. What else do you need?

Its big time that you start thinking about us. This thinking of yours that we are totally dependent on you is off. Enough of screwing. Enough is enough. The worst part is that even the police is with you in everything you do. Women and men passengers have been beaten up by you infront of the police and no one came for help. At least we are safe with these app cabs.

Do not mould the already crippled and moulded state government. State government is with you. We are with the app cabs. Now lets see who wins. We know who has won in various parts of the world and even various states in India.

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