500 ml cold drink has become 35 from 25 - Where is everything going?

Cold drink now costs 35 from 25. Pizza medium+garlic bread+coke used to cost around 550/- now it is more than 700/-. What is this? Its like unbelievable. And then we hear mehangai khatam ho gaye. Kuch kam nahi hua bhai. Jo kam hua hai woh hai kaam aur kamai. Is it to get more worse?

Things r getting worse man...very worse...no work...no income...subah se sham khali baitho aur ghar aa jao...the person I used to buy mobile from is crying..he used to be the busiest and didn't even had the the time to spare...even jai ram bhujiwala infront of dob bosco liluah school is crying for bekaar bazar...what is happening?

See the results every bank is having over 20% profit...saale loot rahe hai logo ko...har cheez pe charges lagate hai n thn the govt says embrace banking...logo ke paise loot ke profit kar rahe hai...

Things have become damn costly. Everyone is crying. I mean how can something happen when everyone is crying. Even human being have become insane. Was just seeing the railway food scandal on some news channel. They are serving us food from hell and it is nil in the name of hygine. Everybody is on the loot spree. Our own people are our enemies. Just a shame.

Baazaar laga hua hai loot lo. Where are we living? Where are we heading?

HDS - Next level in branding

Trying something new almost everyday I got this made after the inspiration from Google wherein they gave customized helmets as a mark of appreciation and care to several delivery boys who worked day and night for the Great Online Shopping Festival. I searched in and out on the net and finally found the person to do so what I wanted to be done. So here is the final output. It was costly but it was worth the pain. The product is fantastic and seems amazing. Before this I had got made the office laptop bag and polo t-shirts with my company logo and website address. If you want to get made then do lemme know.

Is this expected from a professional doctor?

Is this expected from a professional doctor? - Dr. Prabir Kr. Pal - Euro Medical Services Private Limited in Howrah Maidan, near Vodafone and Raymond showroom

The other day I had gone to Euro Medical Services Private Limited in Howrah Maidan, near Vodafone and Raymond showroom and I found this page posted in several places of the diagnostic center. It really stunned me. It read - Dr. Prabir Kr. Pal - Only 15 patient will consult - No Emergency Patient - Fee Rs.400. Now that is heights of commercialisation. This is seriously not expected from a doctor and the medical services either. What does the doctor think people will come to him in a leisure walk to chit-chat with him. Dr. Prabir what happens when your wife, children or near ones need emergency and someone shows you this same type of a poster. It is a real shame on your part and you are making a mock out of your profession. This poster clearly shows that you have fixed your visit's income everywhere you go. What is this? This is so inhuman. I mean who on earth made you a doctor to serve people. Here we see you are serving yourself. Even if we humans cannot do anything to you remember one thing God is looking upon and he will see to all this. Keep in mind Dr. Prabir you get what you give.

Eco Tourism Park - Rajarhat, New Town - Huge, Great & Worth for all

Parks like this one should be in all cities and towns of India and also other places. They are required and they can transform your inner self and give you so much relief. After long pending we were able to go there and wanted to go there to make our son enjoy.

The very first impression is its huge and its beautiful. It can accommodate so much of people and even parking is sufficient. I never knew it has a a lake too and the lake has so many water sports. On the park there are so many land games too including cycling, etc. The lake shows off the laser and water n lightning show too in the evenings. We had a good time and it was worth it. It really is a stress buster and you should have lots of time in hand to enjoy. Simply said you cannot go in hurry.

It is for every age and so you will see people of all ages are enjoying their time here. Love-bird couples can be seen everywhere so that way too you can have a good time. All in all its a good place and you should have a good capacity to walk. You can get your packets and have picnic here and enjoy with all your loved ones. Its a boon to the people of Kolkata. Thanx to the government for this wonderful gift. At least somewhere the government thought of their people.

Its highly recommended by me and a must visit. I would like to go there whenever possible. Its a lovely place safe for kids. No fear of vehicles or animals.