Drishyam 2015 - Wrong or Wronged?

As rightly as the poster shows it is what happens in the movie and this is the very story. The movie i think is slow but good with the subject and its depth. The movie shows off a happy simple family with two female children. The elder one was MMSed in one of her college/school tours by a guy who eventually happens to be the son of a DIG. The guy wants her to sleep with him in order to get this video deleted which the girl conveys to her mother. They both very humbly talk and beg to the guy but in vain ultimately making the girl kill the boy in order to stop him from sleeping with her mom instead. They bury the body and then tell Ajay Devgan their husband and father the whole story who is with them and all get ready to face things together. Now the whole family is somehow found out to be linked and scrutinized again and again. Then they actually find nothing against the whole family.

Basically you will find that common man can never have any problems with anything and the system always has. What I feel is that in any case it would have been a crime. So none of the parties are wrong. But what was wrong was that even after knowing that her son had not done good videotaping the girl she still was adamant on screwing the life of Ajay and his family. That was completely shown as to how the higher level authorities in India and especially the police use their power in every possible way.

The story would surely leave a mark again on your minds as to how bad the police is and will make you think that what Ajay and his family did was right all the ways. I mean that is how a common man can fight against the system or the police.

Hadn't the family killed the guy he would have either leaked the video to the world of the girl probably bringing her to suicide and die or he would have slept with her resulting in the same thing to death. So in both cases someone had to die. Then why not the wrong one?

Do not expect much from the movie. One or two songs here and there. Simple line up which you can usually find in serials like Code Red or Crime Patrol. There is not much in the acting part too. Only some things to learn. I think this movie will not go far as it is against the police system. In India whatever movie is put up showing against the system somehow do not travel far.

It can be given a miss as it shows things which you already know and would have probably done the same if you would have been in the family's place. So if you have nothing else to do or watch then you can go for this.

This was my first movie review and take on a movie. Hope I delivered....:)
What do you think?

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