#fame is your stage and the whole world is your audience

How does it feel to be LIVE. Live infront of people you know and want to see you. Live infront of all to show off what is inside you and what you can do. You've got talent and it needs to be shown. Here is a great simple and user-friendly app #fame. The app already has 1 million download so you are very much assured of the success of the app. All you have to do is simply talk about what you are writing/ doing/ going to cover and then just turn on your mobile and beam live from it. No studio setup required. Life with the Fame application is that simple! You can make new friends, connect with your fans, chat and become a celebrity in your own right. There is live interaction with people who are watching you, and that makes it that much more engaging. It’s a great opportunity to explore live video performances. Here is a quickie for what you need to do to get started right away. It is easier than drinking water.

#fame is your ticket to superstardom. Go Live using the newly launched #fame mobile app and stream/beam your talent to the world. Connect with your fans, make new friends, chat and become famous. #fame is your stage and the whole world is your audience. The power of Live Video presented to you like never before.

Video is the new language of consumer internet. It is a movement. The future is here. Video is the new text and talent is the most powerful currency in this digital age. It is combining powerfully with the smartphone explosion and the rise of social sharing across screens to inspire a new wave of talent.

Everyone can live their "#fame!" Talented individuals join "#fame" to do what they love most – launch an idea, grow their skills, build a community, find an audience and prosper. From the most imaginative chefs to awe-inspiring musicians, from comics who find humour in almost everything to discerning fashionistas who are on the top of trends, from celebrities to the kid next door, "#fame" is home to everyone.

A live ‘learn and unlearn session’ was organised by the Fame team in which the main feature was to show how live streaming is going to revolutionize the way the world looks at your talents. The event envisaged how live videos are the next big thing and a huge platform in this digital age to market your brand and also market your talent. #fame also put up some real-time examples which included 200 hours of live IIFA coverage, Actor Shahid Kapoors wedding reception, Bollywood events like trailer launches and Celebrity Live chats. The four hour long live interactive session showcased eminent personalities like Ayaz Memon (noted cricket columnist aka Cricketwallah), Raja Sen (National Award winning director & movie critic) and Pavleen Gujral (popular fashionista & #fames featured talent from Delhi) shared their experiences and insights and the Fame team shared tips and tricks on how to make your live stream successful. They all stressed on how the live sessions give a personal touch and approach to whatever is asked and thrown to them by their followers. The entire session was broadcasted live on the Fame application from 12 PM to 3 PM on 30th of August, 2015.

The event was made more entertaining and lively by one of #fames singing talent #famestar Abhiruchi who was simultaneously beaming her much popular show Music on Demand on the app and people from the event were asked to make live requests to the singer on the app. While the discussion was on, Abhiruchi took song requests on her show. Later when called on stage she expressed as to how it is a joy of performing for an artist and then when she used to live in the hostel all the people on my floor would collect in her room and on their requests whould would sing for them. After becoming a #famestar, she now just sits at home and people send her requests. She really does not know who these people are and she sings random songs for them which she haven't tried singing before. She was also excited that now she has been getting offers to collaborate with other artists on the app itself.

So what are you waiting for. LIVE Video Streaming ins't the future. It's NOW. Go live on #fame today. In other words add #fame to your name performing live against national and even international crowd. DOWNLOAD the app NOW!

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