Cool ones isn't it. Maza aa gaya. Khoob bhalo laagcho re baba.

Finally after so many years I am writing my 'About me' page. Hope you people do not get pissed off with this narration of mine.

Well, I am Yogesh Goel, 1983 born from Kolkata - The City of Joy. I first got my computer/pc on 26th January, 2001 and since then I've never looked back. That time it was the time of websites and bare minimum people knew about what blogging or blog was.

I made many websites, photo websites with tons of material which you could never imagine from around the web, with just my dial-up connection. Surprised!!! Isn't it. Well, like you everyone else was too. I used to spend almost 8 hours on my PC which in a way taught me so many things and so much more than others.

Probably the first one in my area and among my known ones to start hosting websites on free-servers and popularize the concept among all here. I was always with the believe that if I do buy a domain name or web-space then I won't be able to maintain it year on year. So I always and still choose the free options available on the net, like this one - Blogger.

I always had this zeal to make things LARGEST. I used to surf for hours to get things which i needed and finally had to get them from so many websites. So then I thought of making websites where I'll gather content from all over the net and provide it in one single place. And so you see the numerous blogs which I have made and by now you must have found out how huge they are of their field.

So friends, my well-wishers, my fans :) you are here because you always supported me and liked what I did now and then. In this blog I write what I feel like and simply try to reach out to everyone what I really want to convey. Its basically an online hard-disk for me for which otherwise I would have stored all these on my PC. Lol.

And for other blogs I have made and will make I assure you to give the best I can so that you have the best surfing experience.

So keep coming back,
I simply love having guests & visitors on my blog,

Love, regards & well wishes,
Take care
Be well,
Urs ever in all the ways,
Yogesh Goel

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