Kolkata - Howrah - Land of the emerging potholes - The Untold Story

It is a story not of today but it is a story which is never ending and which still goes on and on. It never brings shame to anyone rather seems it has become a symbol of pride. Welcome to the land of never ending potholes and road craters which if seen carefully might get your vehicle to break down.

I think apart from the central Kolkata (Where the ministers reside and work and have fun and enjoy and party) the whole of West Bengal is suffering this terrible disease of road holes, craters and potholes which God knows from where but crop up in every part and on all corners of the roads specially in the rainy season.

So why does it at all happen like this. As a common man who knows something about all this would say that the repair is done in a temporary way so that when it should be good becomes bad and that the state government can as for a bigger remuneration from the central government.

Why can't there be strict guidelines about this basic amenity which the citizens are being kept deprived of. The roads never are good during monsoons. They are repaired after monsoons and are again dug up by various water and electricity authorities just before the monsoons. Why can't there be responsibility and answerability. This is simply playing with public. Roads are for public which they seldom get to use in a healthy manner. Bad roads are damaging our bodies, damaging the vehicles and is a big danger for kids and also pregnant females. I mean how can some people be so irresponsible.

In the game of contracts, money and want of more money the common public is being screwed like hell and we are being made to feel that we are living in a village with no proper roads. How would people progress when most of the time they have to spend on the roads. Bad roads take up lots of time to travel and so much of harassment it is. But then who cares for time. All the government knows is money.

Why can't there be strict instructions for road repair within 24 hours as it goes bad. It should be repaired without delay and with no mercy to the contractors. Or is it that there is much more than this for your pockets which you want again and again?

Come on man have some shame. We are the people who made you win and have put you all on chairs for the highest posts in the state. Have some courtesy at least. Can we never see good roads for a continuous number of years. Roads are keys to development and saving time and that is the reason the western world is way far ahead of us. At least feel for this. Bad roads are a problem to all. If you do not think the same then do once travel and see for yourself as to what type of a dreaded life you are making us live.

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