Indigo is better than Jet Airways

In the last 3-4 months I have travelled several times by air. I have travelled through Indigo and also Jet Airways. Indigo is spacious. Be it seats or the whole flight it is indeed spacious. Jet airways falls behind in this and seats are so cramped and even the whole flight looks so congested. By all means I would always prefer to travel with Indigo airlines. Moreover Jet airways has queue everywhere because it always has a huge flight. In Indigo airlines this problem is not there. Do not forget to share in your suggestions and experiences too.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400mAh Silver Unboxing and Review

I got the know how of this powerbank from one of the news in the app on my mobile and I quickly got fancied over this. As it is I wanted to buy one powerbank but the usual cost of good ones in the market was making be withdraw my decision of buying one. After reading the news I frantically started searching over the net about the details and reviews of this product. Well I was quite happy that this is one product which does not have a negative review and rating. I was surprised by the price too but then when I read over the net about Xiaomi and its pricing game I got the basic idea and started searching to buy it in India. Obviously there was one and that is