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Funny wi-fi names

Why can't they build the temple on the ground?

I used to go to the temple with my grandma.

The temple had flights of stairs. I used to ask her why can't they build the temple on the ground?

Why do you have to climb the stairs at each and everyday temple?

The answer she gave me was interesting, she said you need to rise above your level to reach God.

Each step in those stairs is a reminder that you are rising above your level in terms of your envy, your greed, anger, ego and all evil parts of your life. It also suggests that you have to climb the steps one by one, you can't just jump off from first step to the last step.

That is the cycle of life, once you conquer these aspects you reach towards your inner core self.


When Nails grow long,
We cut only nails not fingers.
Similarly when Misunderstanding grow up, 
Cut your ego, 
Not your relationship.


सच की हालत किसी तवायफ़ सी है,

तलबगार बहुत हैं तरफ़दार कोई नहीं...


"गरीबी" "थी" "जो" "सबको" "एक" "आंचल" "में" "सुला" "देती" "थी"

"अब" "अमीरी" "आ" "गई" "सबको" "अलग" "मक़ान" "चाहिए"

"हाथ" "ठण्ड" "में" "और" "दिमाग" "घमंड" "में" "काम" "नहीं" "करते"

Work hard

You are never too old

Just believe in yourself


Don't settle

Two things define you

Strive not

Believe in yourself

This is cheating

Revenge of the winter

The Amazing Beauty Of a Jellyfish

Here Are The Answers To Life's Most Important Questions

Kids and their strange thoughts

200 Calories Of Christmas Food

Cool Knives

Why be negative

Weak, strong, intelligent

A little umph

Four things you can't recover

Think positively

Want and need

Smile baby smile


We never lose friends

Life is really simple

First step

Giving up on your goal

How to stay motivated

Actually true ironies of India


1) Politicians Divide us, Terrorists Unite us
2) Every1's in hurry, but no one reaches in time

3) Priyanka Chopra earned more money playing Mary Kom, then Mary Kom earned in her entire career.

4) Its dangerous to talk to strangers, but it's perfectly ok to marry one

5) Most people who fight over Gita and Quran, have probably never read any of them

6) We rather spend more on our daughter's wedding than on her education

7)The shoes we  wear are sold in airconditioned showrooms, the vegetables we eat are sold on the footpath..

8) Most of the guys who are ignored by Girls in young life, are actually the nicest and better husband material :)

9) We live in a country where seeing a policeman makes us nervous rather than feeling safe

10) In IAS exam, a person writes a brilliant 1500 words essay about how Dowry is a social evil. Impresses everyone and cracks the exam.

One year later same person demands a dowry of 1 crore, because he is an IAS officer.

11) Indians are very shy and still are 121 Crore.

12) Indians are obsessed with screen guards on their smartphones even though most come with scratch proof Gorilla Glass but never bother wearing a helmet while riding their bikes.

13) Indian Society teaches
'Not to Get Raped',  rather  'Don't Rape' !

14) Reserved people get more benefit than deserve people...!

15) The worst movies earn the most

16) It is shallow to ask for dowry but prospective bridegrooms should make six or seven figured salaries , preferably settled in U.S.

17) A porn-star is accepted in society as a  celebrity, but a rape victim is not even accepted as a normal human  being.

Try 2 undr stnd people b4 trusting them ... Bcoz v r living in such a world, where artificial lemon flavor is used 4 "WELCOME DRINK" nd real lemon is used in "FINGER BOWL"...!

Husband and virus

एक दिन भगवान ने एक
आदमी की मेमोरी डिलीट कर दी.
फिर उससे पूछा क्या तुम्हें कुछ याद है ?
आदमी ने अपनी पत्नी का नाम
बता दिया ….
भगवान हंसकर बोले – "पूरा सिस्टम
फॉर्मेट कर दिया पर वायरस फिर
भी रह गया …. !"

Happy birthday to Salman Khan

सलमान खान को जन्मदिन की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें, आप वो सीढ़ी हैं जिसे पकड़ कर कई अभिनेत्रियाँ ऊपर पहुंची, साथ ही कुछ जानवर और फूटपाथ वाले भी। 

God and Wi-Fi

" ईश्वर तो दिखाई भी नहीं देते …विश्वास कैसे करूँ ?"

सटीक जवाब मिला …

"श्रद्धा वाई-फ़ाई कि तरह होती है …दिखती तो नहीं है …पर सही पासवर्ड डालो तो कनेक्ट हो जाते हो "

If you're going to point a gun

If you're going to point a gun,
you'd better be ready to pull the trigger.

If GOD Brings U To It

If GOD Brings U To It 
He'll Bring U Thru It.

To be me

"To catch me, you gotta be fast...
To beat me, you gotta be strong...
But to be me?
Damn, you gotta be kiddin!!!"


Success is when your Signature becomes Autograph.


Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together.

I don't care

The truth - It's Unavoidable

Perfect mouse pad for men

Behind your back

Without any expectation

We and animals are no different

Modi sarkaar


Being happy

Galatfamio ke silsile

Just because

When you really matter

Blind Faith