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I am a hard-core reviewer of places and things and I like to review seriously. I make my own decisions and think from the point of a customer. I never listened to anyone for a response or a comment. I always make my mind and write it out. Surely I like to collect information and want to know what people think but that is just for information and my review does not change according to that.

You can check my reviews on Tripadvisor, Zomato and also on this blog. I keep on reviewing and I have been invited several times by institutions to do a review of them and their services. So if I do not like something then I will surely mention. You invite me does not mean that I will write all good about you, your product or your services.

So if you want your product, restaurant, hotel, services, etc. to be reviewed then you can shoot me an email at and send in your invite. You can even reach to me by writing to me in the 'Write to me' form located at the very bottom of this blog. You can also reach to me via call, sms or whatsapp at 9163333320.

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