Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)

Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation is a sequel like you see of bond movies. Its just that Bond movies come up every year and these come with some time gap.

This movie is basically the fight for the very existence of the IMF for which Ethan or say Tom Cruise works for. So you find some other agency which is called here as Syndicate and named as Rogue Nation which is far more powerful, resourceful and capable than the IMF itself. They want to finish each and everything of and related to the IMF.

Without going much deep into the plot/story I would recommend a must watch. It sure is a must watch for people who love thrill and action and hi-fi gadgets. Well Mission Impossible is known to use the latest of whenever they produced a movie. It has everything of this hi-tech modern world to show off. All the world's gadgets can be seen used here and all the sophisticated technology too.

Mission Impossible sequels always have several plots running one after the other and also together that many times you are confused to what is happening but then everything plays so well that finally you get the thrill feel of all you have seen.

As usual Tom Cruise is at his very best. I am just amazed as to how he does so much even after putting on age. He is growing old and it is showing on his face but not on his body and actions. Man you just need to see every bit of the scenes and you will understand what I am telling. He carries his roles so fantastically that you would seldom find him doing a mistake. You can never say that he is not up to the mark or whatever. This time even the actress have been chosen well with loads of skills and attitude.

Stunts, script, technology and gadgets and everything you have always wanted in a Tom Cruise movie is here. Die hard fans would never want to miss this. Must watch.

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