Prakruta - Hyderabad - Aalankrita Resort - Restaurant Review - 4/5

We were here for the dinner as we wanted to try the restaurants at the Aalankrita Resort during our one day stay here. Basically what we observed is that the menu is the same all over the resort and they might have a central kitchen with some things made here and there. The same menu can be found in your room when you stay at the resort.

We were here to taste the Italian cuisine. As every restaurant here has ample space there is lots of seating space. We ordered nachos and spaghetti and garlic bread. My God the quantity was awesome and in the end all of our garlic bread was left over. The nachos and the spaghetti had good quantity and tasted really yum. Service is also good. Everyone is courteous and serves well. They took spacial care of our wishes as we had our infant child with us.

What hit me was the mosquitoes and bit of low lighting. Yes it is an open area and amidst all the greenery of the resort and that is why you can highly expect insects and specially mosquitoes. Still the staff looked over this and put up anti-mosquito smokes too. As for the low lighting it is the same all over the resort probably because of the whole decor and the feel of the quiet resort.

The restaurant is well decorated and looks lovely all the time giving you a feel free feeling. If you happen to be at the resort then do not miss it.

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