Aalankrita Resort - Hyderabad - Hotel/Resort Review - 5/5

They say that this resort is small and others are too big. Yes it might be the case but then you do not find anything less here. Whatever the area it covers they have used the space very nicely and organised things very well. You feel you are within the nature and can enjoy much of the things which you might enjoy elsewhere. It is a nice getaway and you can easily spend a day or two here.

Aalankrita Resort - Hyderabad - Hotel/Resort Review - 5/5 - Yogesh Goel

We had heard much about here and also the prompt service and I should say they have a class of service. No matter how many times you create a fuss they listen to it and act to it too. From phone bookings to the very end everything was hassle free and peaceful. No panic of deposit money and no panic of cancellation. All they ensured was good experience for us.

It is a very beautiful property and you can actually chill and enjoy around. No matter where you go in the whole of resort it is a lovely experience all together. Mixed with traditional mortar and sand sculptures and living spaces and also natural flora and fauna it gives and immense feeling of being in a peaceful place.

The staff is also courteous and is at your service all the time and whenever you need. The booking was done by Mr. Mohapatra and the way he talked with me over the phone made me believe that I would surely have a wonderful experience.

The reception was also good. They have mini-transport vehicles which cater to your baggage and walking around experiences. They showed us around the various rooms available and allotted us what we liked. We were not comfortable with the room humidifier and they got it switched off immediately. We did not like the way  they made breakfast for our kid and on our pointing out they made it in other way instantly. They was no 'NO'.

Wi-fi was given to us even before we asked. The rooms had all the facilities possible. The bathroom was amazing. The bed was huge. We liked whatever we had and saw. Simply amazing. We thought that in such a huge place service would be an issue but no we were wrong.

Everything was pitch perfect. They have a very good menu too which has a vast variety and has almost everything you can want. The food is also amazing. The service even more good. They even have 2-3 restaurants all decorated in different beautiful ways and serving equally great food. They also have spa, foot massage and everything you can think of. They even have play games for kids and indoor games too. They even have swimming pool and even other activities.

Must visit and a highly recommended place to have a good getaway.

Aalankrita Resort - Hyderabad - Hotel/Resort Review - 5/5 - Yogesh Goel

Aalankrita Resort - Hyderabad - Hotel/Resort Review - 5/5 - Yogesh Goel

Aalankrita Resort - Hyderabad - Hotel/Resort Review - 5/5 - Yogesh Goel

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