Paragliding at Himachal’s Bir Biling - Extreme & Adventurous Sport

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It was an experience of a lifetime. An adventure giving you a different high and making you feel that yes you can do anything. Beautiful and scenic view of the lovely Dhauladhar mountains and the forests. What else better way to enjoy and have fun hanging freely in the lap of Mother Nature. Here is the video of my experience. Do not forget to experience it at least once in your lifetime.

Mostly referred as "Paragliding Capital of India", Himachal’s Bir Biling Is The World’s 2nd Best Paragliding Site. Bir, while not the most popular of the Himachal hill collective, is actually the 2nd best site in the world and the top site in Asia for paragliding. Basically, if you like hopping from mountain to mountain, this is where you need to be. The take-off site is Billing, which is at a height of 2400 meters above sea level, and is around 14 kms up from Bir.

Bir-Billing is also the home of the Paragliding World Cup, which last took place in 2015. However, anyone can opt for a tandem ride (around Rs. 2500), where you make the journey with an experienced professional and appreciate the insane views while counting the butterflies in your tummy.

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