LATEST - Jio Phone Bookings, Registration, Delivery Dates, Documents Required, Price and Plans

LATEST - Jio Phone Bookings, Registration, Delivery Dates, Documents Required, Price, Plans and more. 

Reliance Jio is back again to disrupt the market and this time it is the feature phone market which they estimate to be around 50 crores subscriber base. So even if 20 crore people were to get into this offer then it will be a real big thing. Bad days ahead for other telecom operators. Indeed this is such an amazing proposition for the consumers. They get things which they would never have even thought of. We do not go into details of what the JIO will earn or what taxes they saved and the 1500 rupees which they will have to give back. In all means no one will be able to take the 1500 rupees back as by that time there will be something else in offer and the things will go on and on. Moreover these phone will not last 3 years and that would be another headache for the customers. Anyways. 1500 is not much and even the plans which will work only with the Jio Phone are also in tandem with the type of subscribers which this offering will have.

So here in the video are all the final details as of today which are there for the Jio Phone and it's booking and delivery and plans. Hope you like this video of mine.

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