Is media cooking stories or is this the truth?

Is media cooking stories or is this the truth?

You must have heard and read the accusations made by some media houses for the products of famous brands. What do you think? Is it for real or it is just the media cooking stories to gain TRP and ratings?

The products and brands in question are-

Johnson baby powder
Cadbury Chocolate
Lay's chips
Some Nestle products
Colgate toothpaste
Parle biscuit
Sunfeast biscuit
Britannia biscuit
Priya gold biscuit

Some have some animal meats in them while others cause cancer. Given the size of Indian population I am sure some of these brands might be doing all this because there are no quality checks and people here are treated like animals. So no one cares who will die or who will not. Moreover if there are any checks they can be paid and bought and anything can be passed without even following the standards. What do you think? Do comment.

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