On the issue of 15000 cameras installed in lieu of Obama visiting Delhi

Yes it is one of the ironies and also a comedy and also a tragedy. Its a shame that our people do not care about us and people from outside are given more importance than us. Let me share with you a small example which at some point of time you will also agree if you observe closely to what I say.

I had visited Delhi last winters and happen to cross through the President House too. I like clicking pics and when I click I click thousands of them in from various angles and of all parts and places of that particular property. I was clicking from inside the car then also the driver was warning me again and again that I might be caught for scrutinizing the area. Then I said I would get down on which he did not allow and told me that I shall be caught instantly. So I was banned to do so. Whereas I saw that other drivers allowed in which they had visitors from abroad. Afterwards when I asked questions to my known people I was told that they can do anything for them and even beg the various security to let them click pics because in the end they will get good tips from them. Now this is simply irritating.

So same goes here. The world's most powerful human is coming as a chief-guest and everything which is never even done for the Indians would be done for him and his team. He will be allowed to break all protocols and do whatever he and his security wishes. Why can't we stand for this?

They can treat our diplomats wrongly...they can do anything wrong and we just have to go along. They might be super-power but they haven't bought this world. They might be the biggest consumers but they are not Gods of this world. They are developed in everything doesn't mean they do not need any other country. Remember even apple products need to be made in China or else there would have been no gadgets from the US.

Now I hear that the Republic Day protocol of chief-guest will be broken as informed and asked by the security agency of USA. They say either our president will travel in Obama's personal car or else they both will travel in their own respective cars. Man seriously these people do not have feelings. They just care about themselves. They only know their security and their own safety and they only think of themselves. They only know their rules. They care a shit of the rules or the protocols of other countries or people. I strongly condemn this. This is heights. It would have been better if we would have been slaves to the Britishers. That way at least we would not found ourselves in such a shameful situation.

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