Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400mAh Silver Unboxing and Review

I got the know how of this powerbank from one of the news in the app on my mobile and I quickly got fancied over this. As it is I wanted to buy one powerbank but the usual cost of good ones in the market was making be withdraw my decision of buying one. After reading the news I frantically started searching over the net about the details and reviews of this product. Well I was quite happy that this is one product which does not have a negative review and rating. I was surprised by the price too but then when I read over the net about Xiaomi and its pricing game I got the basic idea and started searching to buy it in India. Obviously there was one and that is Flipkart.com.

The specs was cool, the look even cool, the reviews cooler and most of all the price even coolest. Now what else do you want from a powerbank. At this price you usually get a cheap local powerbank but then something at this price from a company which is making a mark and also history in the Indian market is simply unbelievable.

I ordered and received with a prompt service from Flipkart. But then before this I to my surprise got the 5200mah one as a gift from my friend Deep Jain during my visit to Hyderabad. I used it and I was completely happy. It charges fast and it charges my mobile even faster than the normal.

It came into a very good hard box packed in a compact way with a small cable which is not even one foot. Many on the net were criticizing about this but then if we try to understand the logic then we will understand that this was done for so many purposes. One loss of energy in transmitting though a big wire. Second why need a big cable when u have to charge your device on the go. Simply connect and put in ur pocket or bag. It stays with it with the wires getting messed up. Third can be looked as a price cutting factor. They saved something on this by providing a smaller cable. Isn't it?

As soon as you take it out and hold in your hand you get the premium feel. Yes it of the likes of an apple product. Simply awesome finish and feel. Looks like something with lots of innocence. It feels rock solid and compact without much of a mess. A simple product.

I had liked this product so much that I ordered 4 of them. One for myself and the others for gifting which have already been gifted. Nice thing to gift I must say. It is indeed a useful thing for almost everyone.

It has 4 small indicators which means 25% in each. Either charge or de-charge serves the same purpose. Its round in shape as you can see in pics. Hence would not tear off your baggage or pockets of clothes you put this in.

One input and one output. Simply made for an individual it works great delivering almost 8000 mah which is pretty cool for a powerbank of 10400 mah.Its a bit bigger but that is manageable considering the price and performance it delivers. 

It is a must buy and highly recommended electronic product by me and people whom I gifted these. They are simply happy with its performance. And what else do you need after you are satisfied.

If you have any question or confusion about this then do not hesitate to ask me and I shall be more than glad to reply back.

Update - All four people whom I gifted this Power Bank are using it in a complete way. I am also using it to the max. We all are very very happy and it is indeed very fast to charge mobiles. We are very satisfied and amazed by the performance.

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