Lets pledge for a Pollution, noise free Happy Diwali 2015

I never used to burst crackers but since last 3-4 years I do so and that too in abundance. This year I realise that what I had thought before 3-4 years was what I should have kept upto. We get nothing out of this burning of crackers. We burn our pockets and in other way we burn money which is not at all good. Moreover the crackers have become expensive than gold itself...literally. Leave apart all this now I realise as to how bad it is to burst crackers. My 2 year old son is not able to sleep because of the sound. My friend's 1.5 month old son just flickers with every small sound of crackers. This is so bad. Just imagine if we feel the bomb or cracker shocks like this then how fearful it is for kids and even pets and animals. This is so bad on our part and we need to stand up and think over this again. We need to break all traditions and trends and set up a new example which will not only save ourselves but out future generation too. Below is a small eye opener. Hope you think over at least once  to what I have put up here.

Lets pledge for a Pollution, noise free Happy Diwali 2015 - Yogesh Goel

15 reasons why you should stop bursting crackers this Diwali

1. They cause air pollution
2. It takes time for the harmful gases to go away
3. Did I forget to tell you about the ailments and diseases that are caused by these gases?
4. You are helping to increase global warming
5. Noise Pollution
6. Garbage
7. Babies, pregnant women, old people get affected
8. Animals get scared
9. Underage kids make crackers
10. People get injured
11. They cause fires
12. his isn’t how we celebrate Diwali traditionally
13. You are wasting your hard earned money or your parents money
14. Bursting fancy crackers has become a status symbol
15. In case you are very religious, I want to tell you that people are blowing the gods and goddesses.

Lets pledge for a Pollution, noise free Happy Diwali 2015 - Yogesh Goel

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