DIWALI - A different perspective

DIWALI - A different perspective - HAPPY DIWALI 2015 - Yogesh Goel

What originally it was...

1. Sita suffers for 14 years in Jungle with Husband.
2. Is Kidnapped by Ravana.
3. Rama wins an Epic war and gets her rescued.
4. Sita is put to a fire test to prove chastity before return to Ahodhya.
5. Ahodhya Return. Welcome of couple with lights. Branded Diwali.
6. People doubt Sita's chastity.
7. Our dude Ram abandons her while she was pregnant bcoz log kya kahenge.
8. She barely survives the jungle and raises twins as a single mother.
9. Ultimately goes back to earth's womb hurt by the injustice.
10. People forget all this and celebrate Diwali every year.
Happy Diwali.

A different perspective

1. 15 years back Rama was living a 'Prosperous life' .
2. 14 years van-vaas - 'Tough life' after a prosperous life.
3. Win a war.
4. Get back to Home. Being celebrated as Diwali. - Darkness to Brightness. - Victory over Darkness.

This part of Ramayana teaches that you can only experience the brightness if you passed through a dark phase.
Happy Diwali.
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