Life Lessons to be learnt from the Bollywood movie Baghban

For those who are not familiar with this movie

(I would say one of the best I've seen so far, out of 62 movies)

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What lessons can we learn from this movie? 

  • True love never ages, never dies and is timeless. 
  • Consider parents as gods and appreciate them at any stage in your life. 
  • Always remember the sacrifice your parents did for you in order to raise you. They would usually do and risk everything in order to see their children happy. (At latest you will realize it once you are a parent by yourself if you haven't already realized it before.) 
  • As long as you have money, family members might be around, if you don't have any money you might be left alone. 
  • Remember the importance of a family! Money, success and materialism should be considered as secondary. 
  • Save money for yourself once you grow older. Help your children but make sure you never depend on them. You might not know whether they welcome you and are in a position to help you or not. 
  • No matter what your circumstances - whether you have a small house or your job keeps you very busy - always welcome your parents in your home. It might be tough but never let them feel as if they were a burden on you. Remember what they did for you in the past. 
  • Sometimes adopted children might be more grateful than your biological ones. Therefore, should you have an adopted child make him/her always feel special as if it would be your own, you never know how rewarding it can turn out to be. 
  • Respect your grandmother and listen to her advice!

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